March 2, 2016
Folks, its time. I'm releasing a new album in April. That is all. -jj
October 27, 2015
Its been a while. I've been working a ton lately, and now I'm going to start directing some energy towards music again. So prepare for a new record, however you need to. I'm hoping to release by spring 2016. Thanks for your patience. xoxo -jj
October 11, 2014
I've released some new songs, download here I have a new lineup I'll be playing with. Featuring Bobby Birdsong on pedal steel, Bobby Thompson on guitar, John Hutchins on bass, Ryan Walker on keys, Tim Felton on drums, Margot McDonald & Sara Curtin on vocals. I hope you'll come out and enjoy it. -justin
July 11, 2013
Hello friends, I wanted to write a quick note to let you know I'll be concentrating on my other band for a while, The Deadmen. If you haven't heard about us please go check out to see when we'll be playing near you. To hear some tunes go to see you soon! Justin
March 17, 2013
Happy St Patricks day everyone! Thanks to everyone that came out to see me at The Rock And Roll Hotel tonight/this morning! Hope we can get to do it again. A new Tour Blog will be posted soon, so watch this page for updates. ALSO, check out my Facebook and Twitter for more updates.